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School is a thing of the past

When we say school is a thing of the past, what we are referring to is the way you are taught at school. Over the last 15 years, technology has grown hugely, a lot more than anyone could have predicted. With this, technology has had a big impact on our lives and changed the way we operate completely. When you look back 15 years ago, lessons at school were taught using a whiteboard, look back even further and most schools used a blackboard. Now we have access to touch screen devices, most older children will have their own mobile phone and nearly everyone at school will have social media channels.

With all of these technological advancements, schools have had to adapt and change the way they operate. The curriculum has had to change due to technology introducing new jobs. Before you would hear children saying they dreamed of being a football player, now you hear them saying they want to be a Youtuber like Logan Paul or an influencer like KSI.

So how will tech affect the future of education in America? Below we look further into this.

Immersive learning opportunities

The capability of technologies will continue to develop. Virtual reality and augmented reality are hot topics at the moment and something that will continue to develop in the years to come. This could have a massive impact on the future of education in America. Children will be able to view life-like classes from the comfort of their own homes. If there is a subject they are particularly interested in but its niche and the local area doesn’t teach it, that won’t matter as they will be able to learn it by using a virtual headset that will make them feel like they are in a lesson.

New job opportunities will arise

The jobs that are available now are very different to the ones 20 years ago. If you would have said to someone 20 years ago that they could be an influencer as a job, they would have probably laughed at you. Now as mentioned above, you have children dreaming of being a Youtuber or a Tiktok star. With technology opening the doors to new things, the jobs that technology creates in a further 20 years could be very different to the ones we see today. Future tech growth will mean that Americans will have to learn different skills at school in order to achieve the new jobs that technology creates.

Improved communication skills

We have never been so connected. You have social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you can communicate to people anywhere in the world. New channels are being created to open that door even further, Tik Tok is fairly new in the market and so is Club House or Discord. With technology developing even further, you’ll be able to communicate in ways that aren’t even thought of right now. This means that technology will help improve people's communication skills, which will help them when learning new skills at school. If they require support they can use an app to ask a friend or the teacher or have pre-recorded videos that they can view online.

Personalized Learning

Over the years we have learnt even more about the different ways people learn. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners, reading & writing learners or kinesthetic learners. Technology will enable people to identify their preferred way of learning quicker and then create personalized learning schedules in their preferred way. This will help increase children's knowledge as well as help them understand things in a better way when in the past they may have struggled. This will then have the knock-on effect of children feeling more confident with what they are doing, their communication skills will improve and so will their learning opportunities.

As technology continues to develop, our lives will change in ways we cannot imagine. Not only will it affect the future of education in America, but it will also change future jobs, the way we communicate, our transport system and more. We aren’t that far from having driverless cars or AI glasses. It’s an exciting time to see what companies like Apple or Microsoft will launch.

How do you think tech will affect the future of education in America? Is there any point you would like to add that we haven’t included above? Is there anything else you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below.

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