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If there is one combination that has sparked some pretty great tech business ideas, it’s entrepreneurship and technology. The digital version of revolution along with a great resignation has brought about a huge change in all areas of life since the pandemic. Consumer habits have been changing, access to knowledge and learning has been expanding and the acquisition of goods and services – and even the way that we solve problems – is changing.

That means that there have been some quirky and not so talked about ideas in tech businesses, and there are plenty of tech business ventures that nobody is talking about. Let’s take a look at a few of those below.

  • 3-D prints. This is not a new technology – but they’re awesome amazing tech business ideas that are coming from it. More machinery and materials are available in the market to set up a 3-D printing business, and while 3-D printing has started to occur in the medical field and other fields around the world, you could always start your own text business by 3-D printing different things. From shoes to household items, to auto parts and prosthetics, there have even been some 3-D printed houses. The idea is booming in this type of technology and you could be involved.

  • Smart clothing. We have checked wearables already, in the form of watches and shoes. One of the most innovative technology business ideas is referring to the reinvention of clothing with a tech spin. If we could have smart homes, why not have smart clothing to help us count calories, watch your heart rate and see your blood pressure? Some of these wearable clothing options include socks with sensors to measure the number of steps you’re taking, as well as backpacks with USB chargeable ports and other wonders. The world of smart clothing is only just beginning.

  • Phygital. This refers to the combination of e-commerce and physical stores to take advantage of the best of both channels. This means that consumers are about to have a unique shopping experience unlike anything else. Online stores aren’t going anywhere, in fact, people are crying out for an omni channel experience. Reaching consumers in the physical environment is much harder when you have an e-commerce store only. But with Phygital, you are able to do this.

  • Extended reality technology. Encompassing both augmented reality and virtual reality, extended reality is offering something very different this year. Extended reality technologies are proliferating in the coming years and we are going to see more of your business as a player extended reality to their brands. Being able to stand out from the competition and deliver a better outcome and customer experience is so important, and while there are some businesses that are already off on the extended reality train, it’s important to figure that if your business jumps onto it you’re going to have an idea that will last.

These tech ideas are not the only ones out there, but these ideas are the ones that are going to be booming in the next few years.

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